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Acrylic Sheet

  • Product Name:  Acrylic Sheet
  • Product Details:  Acrylic Sheet

PMMA –Physical Properties
Specific Gravity: 1.15kg/m/mm
Light transmission: 95%
Impact strength: 16kg/cm3
Tensile Yield Strength≥61Kg/m3
Deformation temperature≥78℃
Thermal softening temperature≥105℃.

Specification:1.22*2.44m,1.22*1.83m,1.25*2.5m ,2*3m,2.05*3.05m

PMMA  Feature
1.Good light transmission
2.Good weather resistance
3.Can be molded and reprocessed
4.Widely usage, easy to dyeing and painting.
6.High mechanical strength
7.light weight
8.Good impact strength
9.Good Insulation feature, widely used for different electrical equipment
10.Good hard coating and scratch resistance
11.Good chemical resistance, superior to most other plastic materials
12.Easy to clean and maintain

PMMA application
Building Application:Windows, soundproof wall, skylight, telephone booths, etc.
Advertisement application: light box, signs, direction board, display board etc
Traffic application: windows of train or bus, etc
Medical application: Infant incubators, various surgical medical instruments.
Industrial Applications: surface of the equipment, shield etc
Light application: shield of Linear Fluorescent Lamp, street lamp, etc