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Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

  • Product Name:  Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet
  • Product Details:  Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

Hitrust Polycarbonate sheet offers a high degree of light transmittance while blocking harmful ultra violet rays. In its structured sheet form,
Hitrust polycarbonate sheet also offers excellent thermal insulation properties.
Our multiwall polycarbonate sheet carries a full 10 year warranty against yellowing and breakage caused by hail.

The structured sheet is economical and light in weight, yet is 10 times stonger than acrylic and 200 times stronger than glass!

Highly flexible, our polycarbonate multiwall sheet can be easily cold formed and will not crack or splinter when fabricated.

This high tech discovery ensures that greenhouse condensation is carried away from the roofing so that droplets will not damage your nursery stock.

1) Thickness: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm(twin-wall),12mm,14mm,16mm(triple-wall)
2) Width: standard width is 2,100mm
3) Length: standard lenght is 5800mm & 11800mm
4) Color: clear, blue, green, opal, brown etc
Special specification and color can be custom-made.
Technical Features:
1)Light weight:4mm-0.95kg/sqm,5mm- 1.0kg/sqm,6mm-1.15kg/sqm,8mm-1.45kg/sqm,10mm-1.7kg/sqm,12mm-2.1kg/sqm,14mm-2.4kg/sqm,16mm-2.7kg/sqm
2)High impact resistance:850J/M
3)Good light transmission:70%-80% for clear color different thickness
4)Good heat insulation
5)UV blocking layer : 50μm ,can filter about 99% ultraviolet radiation in sunshine
6)The minimum bend radii for different thicknesswith standard size(2100mm*6000mm)
4mm--700mm, 5mm--875mm,6mm--1050mm,8mm--1400mm,10mm—1750mm,12mm--2100mm,14mm--2450mm,16mm-2800mm
7)Simply processed and installed

Applications:Commercial Greenhouses,Home Greenhouses,Office Partitions,Vertical Glazing,Industrial Roofing,Pool Enclosures,Patio Covering,Window Replacement,Domes,Shelters,Canopies,Sheds,Walkways,Carports,Sunrooms

Thickness(mm) Structure Weight(g/sqm) Min.Bend Radii(mm) Standard size(mm) Color
4 2-layer 900 700 Length*Width  6000*2100 Clear Blue Green Opal Brown
5 2-layer 1000 875
6 2-layer 1150 1050
8 2-layer 1450 1400
10 2-layer 1650 1750
12 3-layer 2100 2100
14 3-layer 2400 2450
16 3-layer 2700 2800