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Polycarbonate Embossed Sheet

  • Product Name:  Polycarbonate Embossed Sheet
  • Product Details:  Polycarbonate Embossed Sheet

Hitrust polycarbonate have two kinds of corrugated sheet at the present.
Polycarbonate embossed and corrugated sheet is our patented product,Polycarbonate embossed and corrugated sheet(Hitrust Patented product)
Design concept
1,Use reverse-static tiny embossed patterns in intervals on both sides of the polycarbonate sheet with corrugate,
designed to enhance the tenacity and anti-static function of the sheet.
2,The combination of the embossed and smooth surface have a special effect.. The rays through the embossed surface directly when it’s the strongest in the daytime,
the light transmission is 50%, it makes the sunshine soft. The rays slanted through the smooth surface when it’s weak,
the light transmission is 90%. It makes the whole daytime light soft.

Effective Width   Width        Waves    
810 (mm)  855 (mm)  19  
900 (mm)  945 (mm)  21    
1035(mm)  1080(mm)  24   
1215(mm)  1260(mm)  28

1) Thickness: 1.2mm --3mm
2) Length: 50m(Roll)
3) Specific gravity: 1200kg/cbm
4) Colors: clear, blue, green, opal, brown,bronze,etc.
5) MOQ: 8 tons
6) Payment: T/T or L/C at sight
7) Lead time: 10days

Special advantage

1)Less framework than other products.
2)Well straight character, 1.2mm thickness pc embossed and corrugated sheet have the same straight character with 3mm pc solid sheet.
3)The edge can be overlapped during construction, no water leakage
4)Patented structure, refined appearance
5)Nature lighting by special double decline side
6)anti-static function
7)The freight cost is much lower than polycarbonate hollow sheet

Polycarbonate solid sheet technical features:

1) Impact strength: 850J/m.The impact resistance of polycarbonate solid sheet is about 200 times of common glass,20 times of acrylic sheets.
2) Light weight:About 1/2 times of glass
3) Good light transmission(clear color)80%--90% for different thickness
4) Wide service temperature range -40℃to 120℃,good weather resistance and UV protection
5) Specific gravity: 1.2 g/cm
6) Coefficient of thermal expansion: 0.065 mm/m℃
7) Tensile strength: >60N/mm2
8) Flexural strength: 100N/mm2
9) Modulus of elasticity: 2,400mPa
10) Tensile street at break: >65mPa
11) Elongation at break: >100%
12) Specific heat: 1.16J/kgk
13) Heat deflection temperature: 140℃
14) Heat conductivity: 2.3-3.9 W/m2℃
15) Soundproof index:4mmthickness--27dB, 5mm--28dB, 6mm--29dB, 8mm--31dB, 10mm-32dB 12mm--34dB

Applications: Roofing,Office Partitions,Vertical Glazing,Industrial Roofing,Pool Enclosures,Patio Covering,Window Replacement,Domes,Shelters,Canopies,Sheds,Walkways,Carports,Sunrooms,awning

Effective width Width waves Length Wave high
840mm 910mm 5 6m 25mm