Competitive Waste Incineration Rotary Kiln

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Min. Order: 1 Set/Sets
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Basic Info

Model No.: MCKS-50

Item: Competitive Waste Incineration Rotary Kiln

Warranty: 2 Years, 1 Year Waste Incineration

Production Capacity: 30-6000ton Waste Incineration

Certification: ISO9001:2008

Voltage: 380V Waste Incineration

Power(W): 800-20000KW

Weight: 100-500Tons

Capacity For Rotary Kiln: 150-6000TPD

Fuel For Waste Incineration Rotary Kiln: Electric

Type For Waste Incineration Rotary Kiln: Quick Lime Rotary Kiln

Additional Info

Packaging: standard export package

Brand: MeCan

Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Supply Ability: 100 sets per month

Certificate: ISO9001:2008

Port: Guangzhou

Product Description

The waste incineration rotary kiln is a widely used equipment in international industrial waste disposal field and occupies higher market share. In addition, it is a recommended waste incinerator by National Ministry of Science and Technology and State Environmental Protection Administration.

Generated ashes can be discharged from the bottom of the secondary combustion chamber while the generated smoke will be into the secondary combustion chamber for complete combustion by means of mixing with the air, thus ensuring the exhaust gas completely reach the discharge standard. The rotary kiln incinerator can be used to simultaneously dispose solid wastes and liquid wastes. To illustrate, the solid wastes can be fed into the kiln by exclusive conveyor and the liquid wastes can be injected into the kiln from the feed end by effective atomizing unit. The wastes will experience a series of processes in the rotary kiln, including water evaporation, volatile devolatilization, ignition and combustion. This waste disposal equipment is characterized by wide suitability, easy operation and maintenance as well as long service life.

Functions and Characteristics for Waste Incineration rotary kiln 
The combined waste incineration rotary kiln can be used to incinerate hazardous wastes by means of incinerating the imperfectly combusted residues and harmful flue gas in the vertical furnace on the basis of the traditional one. The upper part of the furnace is the secondary combustion chamber. In the aspects of intensifying heat transfer and combustion, it has achieved great effect. By setting group of hanging chains in the rotary kiln, this waste incineration system has handled the poor effect of heat transfer and combustion caused by insufficient contact of the flue gas and wastes in the traditional rotary kiln. In addition the co-incineration system can prevent producing slag.
Normal temperature air injected from the bottom of the rotary grate can be used to cool slag so that the dry type deslagging can be implemented, thus avoiding the water treatment difficulty resulted from wet type deslagging. Additionally, decentration setting of the rotary grate can lead to dynamic oval moving trajectory, thereby boasting the capability of smashing the slag and automatic deslagging.
This type of waste incineration rotary kiln is equipped with a rotary grate underneath the secondary combustion chamber. Air needed for combusting can be blown into the grate from its bottom to perfectly burn the ash in the second combustion furnace. Since then, three times air combustion system can be formed by the first combustion air injected from the feeding end, the secondary combustion air blown into the secondary combustion chamber in tangential direction and the tertiary air in the bottom of the furnace, thus increasing thermal efficiency of incineration.

Features for Waste Incineration rotary kiln:
1. The rotary kiln boasts simple driving way, and all drive mechanisms are designed on the shell so that safe operation and easy maintenance are ensured.
2. This waste incineration rotary kiln can be used to incinerate solid wastes, liquid and gas at the same time. Thus, it has strong adaptability.
3. During combustion, the wastes roll forward. Three heat transferring methods are available in the incinerating furnace. Therefore, efficiency of heat utilization is greatly high.
4. Refractory materials contribute to long service life. And it is convenient to replace liner plates, thus ensuring low cost.
5. Long burning time and 700℃ high temperature can make hazardous wastes be completely thermal decomposed and partial wastes with low ignition point almost burnt out.
6. The shape and moisture content of the incinerated wastes are less required.
7. The waste incineration rotary kiln is characterized by perfect seal method combustion chamber draft so that leakage of harmful gas can be prevented.
8. Strong air mixing in the secondary combustion furnace can make imperfectly combusted materials in the flue gas be completely combusted and reach 1150℃ which is needed to decompose harmful ingredients. The flue gas will dwell in the high temperature zone for 2 seconds, which can not only perfectly incinerate the wastes but also effectively decompose dioxin from the source.
9. Due to equipment maturity and reliability as well as abundant manufacturing experience of Haijian, our waste incineration rotary kiln can achieve complete localization.
10. Annual operation rate of the industrial waste incinerator can be up to over 90%.
11. Heat transfer strengthening and slag-bonding preventing device is equipped in this rotary kiln to increase incineration rate and adaptability to different wastes.
12. The secondary combustion chamber is changed into secondary combustion furnace. Thus, burn-off rate of ashes and incineration efficiency are improved. In addition, such functions as normal temperature deslagging, slag crushing and air blocking can be ensured.

Specifications of hazardous waste incinerator:



Rotation speed of kiln body

Main motor







0.06~3( rotational speed is adjustable)




0.06~3( rotational speed is adjustable)




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0.06~3  rotational speed is adjustable)




0.06~3( rotational speed is adjustable)


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